Recapping BEx 2018 – a Roaring Success

Kananaskis, ALBERTA: On February 25th – 27th, The Business Execution Summit 2018 (BEx 2018) brought together 250 business owners, leaders, and senior executives to share and learn best-practices in the area of business execution at the newly renovated Delta Kananaskis Resort. Attendees were inspired to expand their minds, build relationships, and grow their businesses.


Despite an abundance of ideas and great intentions, business owners and thought-leaders agree, the biggest challenge for organizations today is a lack of disciplined execution. Most organizations have established their goals, budgets, and plans but unless the leaders of an organization can align their entire organization to execute them, the desired results will seldom be achieved.

Jim Harris – Keynote Speaker and International Innovation Expert, gave two compelling presentations on how innovation is an essential strategy for growing the top line.

Harris emphasized that “innovation isn’t easy – otherwise everyone would be doing it – innovation requires discipline, it requires a process for gaining insight, evaluating possibilities and placing strategic bets”.

When asked what he plans to take back to his client’s from BEx 2018, Scott Aberg, Business Execution Specialist at Results Canada, said, “implementing friction assessments – both internally and externally”. Friction Assessments “zero in on the things that you really need to work on, and supports extreme customer focus. If you are asking your customers ‘what do we as a company need to do better, what’s really causing friction between us?’, you can re-invent their overall experience just by eliminating their friction points”. Aberg noted that the same should be done internally to eliminate friction within your organization.

Harris used the example of taking a taxi vs an Uber. He argued that by focusing on “the points of friction – everything that customers HATE about taking taxis – Uber has created a fiercely loyal group of customers”. Rather then letting your competitors focus on points of friction in your industry, Harris encouraged attendees to perform a friction audit within their own organizations – with their clients and employees – to stay one step ahead of the curve.

Terry Small – Learning Skills Specialist, has presented on the the way our brains work for over 33 years to organizations around the world. Terry struck popularity with the BEx attendees as he advocated for more sleep for your brain health. Most notably, Small talked about the five checkboxes your brain has. Do I matter? Am I safe? Am I free? Do I belong? Are things fair? If employees in your organization can answer YES to these questions, you are setting your company up for success.

John Spence – Business thought leader, dove into two interactive workshops on the keys to achieving business excellence.

He believes that there are four fundamental things you must focus on to run a sustainably successful business.

His formula for business excellence is ‘Awesomely Simple’: “Talent: the best people you can possibly get on your team + Culture: strong winning culture of engagement that delivers business results + Extreme customer focus: get closer to your customers then any of your competition, and all of that is multiplied by disciplined execution – taking great ideas and turning them into action”.

BEx 2018 quickly started trending across the nation, as Edmonton news station 630 Ched connected with thought leader John Spence. You can listen to the full interview with Spence here.


Two panel discussions allowed attendees to hear from Alberta Business Leaders with first hand experience. The first panel was about Entrepreneurial Risk – When to Grow and How to Know. The second panel discussion was all about Innovation & Disruption – How to Create the Future.

“It was interesting to hear from both the panels how some peer companies deal with risk and look for innovative ways to drive more revenue”

“The quality of attendees, speakers and the culture of the group is what stood out for me the most. The willingness of the group to share experiences and information speaks volume for the types of companies Results Canada is working with”

“LOVE the fact we get to hear from experts (Jim & John) more than once… and they STAYED for the conference to mix and build relationships with attendees. This is VERY valuable…”

“Excellent speakers and high quality of business leaders present made for a truly remarkable conference.”

One of the most valuable aspects of attending BEx was the transparency of not only the speakers and panelists, but the attendees. This created an environment where people could look to their peers for open and honest communication, and ask for advice on some of the challenges they are currently facing in their organizations.

It was obvious that the attendees of BEx 2018 were a community of ambitious, open-minded leaders who all had one thing in common; a desire to build a great company.


In his closing remarks, Jeff Tetz – Partner at Results Canada, emphasized that at its core BEx was created for one purpose, and one purpose alone; to nudge you closer to transforming your business.

Tetz spoke passionately about “eradicating the world of poor execution”, and asked attendees “how can you implement the ideas and strategies covered at BEx to grow your business?”

Attendees were challenged to leave BEx having committed to actions, with a deepened resolve to fearlessly pursue the type of business they’ve always imaged.

BEx 2019 is scheduled March 10th – 12th, 2019. If you want to ensure you are on the BEx invite list for 2019, connect with Results.

BEx 2018 Partners:
Founding Partner: Results Canada
Presenting Partners: CompuVision, Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers, Pomeroy Lodging
Supporting Partners: Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP, Top Draw
Promoter: Calgary Construction Association

Article by: Katherine Turner
Results Canada Inc.

Photography by Dan Evans: http://www.danevansmedia.com/About

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