Unleashing New Sources of Growth

Event Date: 11/23/2016 12:00 PM1:30 PM

Location: ATB Entrepreneur Centre
Address: 1110 17th Ave SW
Room: Community Room
City/Province: Calgary / AB
Postal Code: T2T 0B4

Unleashing Growth

We all know that Alberta markets are cyclical. Business opportunities can rain in one year, and evaporate the next. That is the nature of the resource based economy we exist in.

In good times and bad, business leaders must continually look for new opportunities. The pace of change is increasing, and opportunities and threats are presenting themselves more rapidly than ever.

What can organizations do to manage this cycle? How can companies be strategic, smart, forward thinking and controlling about growth? How can they generate new sources of growth and profitability to protect themselves against future downturns? How can businesses turn market disruptions into opportunities?

This presentation will be an interactive look at:

1)    Real Alberta and global companies who are exploring new growth opportunities.

2)    A spectrum of opportunities from simple, quick adjustments to more far reaching strategic moves.

3)    The balance between disciplines to the business core while continually exploring new initiatives.

Learning Objectives

1)    Tactical, short-term adjustments that can increase revenue, profitability and cash.

2)    Strategic changes that could open up new markets or product lines.

3)    Thinking tools for idea generation.

4)    Considerations for implementing the changes needed to capitalize on the growth opportunity.

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