The Execution Imperative – Lethbridge, AB

In any competitive industry, there are winners and losers. No matter the economic conditions, some companies consistently do better than their peers.

What’s the secret formula?

In this interactive workshop we explore the characteristics of these winning organizations.

Specifically, we will consider:

  • The broad difference in results between players in the same industries with access to similar resources, inputs, and know-how
  • The role execution plays in driving higher levels of performance
  • A proven Execution Framework that business leaders can use to increase company health and performance

Rather than focussing on specific functions within an organization, a leader’s role is to establish and operationalize key elements of the overall business execution ecosystem, and use that to mobilize employees and resources in pursuit of a desired future. This spans many elements of the company including vision, goals, culture, strategy, brand, operations, and talent management.

This presentation will link best-practices in the areas of culture, strategy, talent and leadership with real examples of how western Canadian firms are putting these practices to work.

Learning Objectives:
By the time they leave, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the importance of disciplined execution for organizational success
  2. Describe how sustained performance is less about sweeping, far reaching decisions, but rather the accumulation of hundreds of decisions, actions, and behaviours taken by employees over time
  3. Apply a 4 part execution framework in assisting the health of their organization
  4. Identify how their role as a leader can support improved performance through better execution

This presentation is intended for ambitious, open-minded business leaders – owners, CEO’s and senior management –  of firms with 15-300 employees.

Presented by: Tim Prod Summit 2014 cropped

Tim O’Connor CEO
Results Canada – the Business Execution Experts

Tim O’Connor is a founder and CEO of Results Canada Inc. Results inspires people to build better companies. Tim has been a partner and contributor in business development and client delivery since 1998. He is passionate about addressing a chronic issues in mid-sized organizations – namely, a lack of execution.

Event Details:

Tuesday, May 2nd
Registration: 11:45
Workshop Begins: Noon
Networking: 1:30

Holiday Inn Lethbridge, 2375 Mayor Magrath Dr S, Lethbridge, AB

For more information or if you are interested in registering please fill out the form below.

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