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Winning in a Harsh Economy – The Fundamentals

We’re in the midst of a very harsh economy with several external forces trying to harm our businesses. And yet, some companies are still able to thrive and grow. It’s a known fact that in any competitive business environment there are winners and losers. What’s the secret formula?

In this 90-minute, interactive workshop we will explore what business leaders must know and do to be successful in good times and bad. Specifically, we will consider:

  • The broad difference in results between players in the same industries with access to similar resources and know-how.
  • The role execution plays in driving higher levels of performance.
  • A proven Execution Framework that business leaders can use to increase company health and performance.

The “Winning in a Harsh Economy” workshop is intended for ambitious, open-minded business leaders – owners, CEOs and senior management – of firms with 15-200 employees.

PRICE: Member $75 plus GST Non Member $90 plus GST

Date: October 14, 2015

Time: 8:00am – 9:30am


Location: ECA Learning Center


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