Edmonton Construction Association


Leadership in the Trenches: How great Leaders operate on the Construction Site This short seminar covers: Leadership on the construction site can be quite different than the approach in the office.  Creating a culture of collaboration, ownership mentality and accountability requires an approach that will be embraced in a way that translates with the people ...

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Transforming Your Business – Innovation & Disruptive Change


Date: February 5, 2019 Registration/Breakfast: 7:30am Presentation: 8:00am – 10:00am Do you ever feel like our world, and specifically your business environment, is changing at an alarming rate? When the rate of external change exceeds your organization’s ability to identify risks, understand opportunities, and pivot, the risk to your business increases significantly. In this workshop, we ...

Business Execution Summit 2019


Despite an abundance of ideas and great intentions, business owners and thought-leaders agree, the biggest challenge for organizations today is a lack of disciplined execution.  Most organizations have established their goals, budgets, and plans but unless the leaders of an organization can align their entire organization to execute them, the desired results will seldom be ...